Friday, January 8, 2016

Dasein Winter

I've been wearing a lot of warm spicy scents for winter as of late (and missed out on a couple of entries here, which sucks because now I can't remember what had that weird leather note I didn't like).  I'm kind of tired of that, and went to Sephora the other day just to spray myself with the most spring like perfume I could find (Hermes Jardin de Monsieur Li).

I got weirdly excited when I saw that Olfactif's January subscription box would include Dasein Winter.  For some reason, I thought it would smell very cold and clean, like snow.  Sadly, it smells more like a very sweet Christmas tree.  Which is not unpleasant, but I don't really think I want to walk around smelling like this.  Especially since my house still actually smells like a Christmas tree.

I think I would really love this scent as a candle.  I may just use it as a room spray.  But I don't really think I can wear it as a perfume.


They say:Created by independent perfumer Sam Rader, WINTER is a blend of blue spruce, forest pine, black cardamom and French lavender. The rare forest pine essential oil used in WINTER unisex fragrance is harvested from the twigs and blue-green needles of giant pines in the Austrian Alps. The use of this oil in the blend immediately conjures the presence of a majestic winter tree. Perfumer Sam Rader also chose to use lavender absolute from France to give the blend a rich, sweet, soft base that only a pristine absolute can offer. Unlike steam-distilled lavender essential oil that smells medicinal, lavender absolute is created by gently extracting the scent of soft lavender petals through use of a solvent, which allows for a sweeter, richer, fresher bouquet.

On me: Sweet Christmas tree.

Y/N/M: N.  Candle version perhaps!

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